How do you protect your customer’s network and increase their productivity in a mobile enabled environment?

Businesses today are forced to deal with mobility challenges that traditional firewalls simply cannot cater for. Users need to be able to access their organisation’s internal resources securely from anywhere, using any device.


MGOne Guardian - securefirewall - v3

Transform Your Firewall

Operating as an additional filter between your company network and the Internet, the MGOne Guardian delivers an on-premise solution that integrates into an existing Active Directory.

  • Simple firewall extension
  • Embrace Future Ways of Working
  • Enable BYOD policies
  • Allow staff to work from home

Simple Installation

The MGOne Guardian acts as an extension to your existing firewall – with a simple plug ‘n play installation, your firewall is instantly transformed into a secure mobility solution. Providing users secure access to desktops, workstations, servers, data and their business critical applications, the MGOne offer total peace-of-mind when connecting remotely to the corporate network. Enjoy the benefits of instant mobility, without any of the risk.

Unmatched Security

Offering device Two-Factor Authentication integration, device fingerprint identification and controlled access, the MGOne is the most secure mobile firewall extension on the market.

Cost Effective

Available exclusively to VExpress dealers on a simple $12.00 per user per month license, with an upfront installation charge billed directly to the customer.

Simple and Easy

Fully HTML5 driven, there is no VPN connection required, Available locally or via the cloud, the MGOne allows you to tailor solutions to the customers’ needs.

Future Ways of Working

MGOne empowers businesses to embrace future ways of working, offering users and employers all the benefits of instant mobility without the risk.

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